A different face


So, the photo on the left is me in January, and the photo on the right is last week. I have a whole different face — how is that for progress?
It is crazy!
You know how you see yourself so often that you can’t see the day-to-day changes, but then you see a picture and you’re like, “Whoa! Who is that?” That is how I feel about this picture. I didn’t realize how much my face had changed!

Even with all the progress I’ve made , I’m gonna be in for a disappointing start to this next week. I’ve had a really bad food weekend (pizza, chips, cake, cookies, ice cream, YIKES!). Some of it was I waited too long to eat, some of it was time spent with friends, either way it wasn’t good for me. Should be interesting to see how hard it affects me.

2 thoughts on “A different face

    • Everytime I look at the more recent picture I think, “did I edit this and I’m lying to everyone?!” but then go back and look at the original, and it’s legit. I’m just not used to seeing my face look slim! Who knew?

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