Training: over.

Well, officially anyway.

I am supposed to go back in on Saturday morning to meet with my trainer one last time, get measurements and all of that good stuff. She actually mentioned doing a final workout, since I was sick for a couple of our sessions. 

I can’t afford to continue with her, unfortunately ($60/hour is ridiculous, isn’t it?), but she said if she’s got an opening after my measurements on Saturday, we’ll go ahead an work out. I wish I could keep going, but won’t work for me.

She weighed me at the beginning of the training sessions (239 lbs. with clothes and shoes) and the end (240 lbs. with clothes and no shoes). I’m not even sure how that is possible! I barely ate while I was sick, and when I did it was low calorie, high protein foods. So weird.

I keep getting the, “maybe it is muscle weight” speech. But, at some point it stops being muscle-weight and should begin to fall off. It is making me very frustrated! 

I’ve got the workouts my trainer had me do written down though, and I will keep up my previous workout schedule — but with her suggestion, add two more. I was only working out four times a week before, but the workout schedule she made for me included six workouts per week. I will soon be getting only one rest day per week. Hopefully that will kick my body into gear.

Will update with my measurement results on Saturday!

3 thoughts on “Training: over.

  1. It’s depressing when you don’t see the numbers on the scale move- or they start creeping in the wrong direction. And it’s hard to know why, unless you can point to specific time of bad food decisions, for example. Just focus on how your clothes are fitting (because you’re down a size, am I riiiiight?) and keep pushing yourself at the gym. Shocking your body (and continuing to do so) is key; it should be uncomfortable because that what ignites change (I sound like Rachel/Pepper, ha).

    But I’m soooo proud of how far you’ve come. Two years ago, you didn’t exercise AT ALL. And now you’re logging in 3-4 sessions a week, and looking to bump that up. That is a HUGE step toward better health and a bangin’ ass body. 🙂


    • Yeah, I keep telling myself not to worry about the scale, worry about the way clothes fit and the size of the clothes. And I am down 2 sizes from what I was before I started, so I know it is making a difference, but I just hate feeling like everything is stagnant, which is has been for a couple of months. I have plateaued and it is making me crazy.
      I really hope adding more workouts into the mix will do the trick.
      I am going to start getting grumpy about it soon, and that isn’t fun. I prefer giggles to grump. Duh.

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