I’m bad (at this blogging thing).

I did pretty well for the first little bit, but lately I’ve been slacking.

So, last time I spouted words at you I was complaining about not being able to lose any poundage. Today I’m down four pounds from that.

I had dinner with a couple of friends, and mentioned the no-weight-loss problem, and my BFF said, “I wonder if it is because of your PCOS?”
Truth time: I always forget I even have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Most of the symptoms are controlled by birth control meds, so it hadn’t even crossed my mind that might be the source of my problems.

I went to the doctor last Wednesday, and she agreed with my friend. Told me with my workout routine and diet I should be losing 5-10 pounds per month. I had lost 11 pounds since the last time I saw my doc (in April) but that only puts me at 3.5ish pounds per month.

Doc prescribed Metformin for my PCOS, it is a diabetes drug, and while I do not have diabetes, it is often prescribed to PCOS sufferers to help control insulin, as that is one of the things PCOS can mess with is insulin (makes your body create excess), which leads to weight gain — I think.

The meds are supposed to help with my weightloss. I started taking Advocare MNS Max C vitamins too (contain an appetite suppressant that has been amazing so far), so I think that has helped shed a few pounds as well.
I’m excited to start seeing results again, and I’m SO glad my BFF mentioned PCOS as a possibility for these problems.

I hope the weight falls off more quickly now, but I’m not expecting any miracles. Gotta keep working hard!

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