Down, down, down.

I’ve been stuck at 230 pounds for what feels like forever. I’ve been fluctuating between 230-234 for months, but couldn’t get below 230 pounds, for whatever reason.

Until this morning! This morning I was at 228.8! YEAH!

I finally broke that plane and I’m so excited I could scream. I did a little happy dance in my kitchen this morning (my scale is in my kitchen because that’s the only place with extra room and a flat surface).

I was getting really frustrated and discouraged about whether or not I was never going to break 230, but I knew I needed to just keep up what I was doing, and it would happen eventually. Slow and steady wins the race (or at least remains IN the race). I knew this wasn’t going to be something that happened over night, but it made it awfully hard to stay motivated when I didn’t see the numbers changing.

So today I’m wearing jeans I haven’t worn in quite some time, weighing less than I have in quite some time, and feeling happier than I have in at least a month!

This has provided an excellent (and needed) push to stay motivated while on vacation!

5 thoughts on “Down, down, down.

  1. I love this. YOU GET IT GIRL!! I just now checked out your blog, so I’m not familiar with what you’ve posted before, but I use myfitnesspal and it’s helped me tremendously! I also recently started Bar Method classes, if you ever want to give it a go – let me know! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I use myfitnesspal as well! It really helped me when I first started trying to lose weight because it showed me I wasn’t getting nearly enough of the essentials in my daily diet (especially protein)! Even after I thought I’d started eating “better” I was not giving my body the right stuff. I’ve been bad at keeping up with my food logs lately, but try to keep a running calculation of what I’m eating in my head. I really need to get back to logging everything I eat!
      The Bar Method stuff looks like so much fun! I’m always interested in exercises that mimic dance classes! I miss dancing! I might take you up on that after I get back from vacation. Where do you take the classes?

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