Party time!

A bit of a different post for me, but I thought it was fitting for the time of the year. While the things I wear have never been a focus, the size of the things I wear has been. Hopefully there are some stores you haven’t heard of or tried if you, like me, have trouble shopping some “normal” stores.

I love holiday parties and getting dressed up for them, but as a bigger girl it has always been hard for me to find party clothes I felt comfortable in and weren’t so expensive I needed to take out a small loan to afford them. Luckily there are several retailers that have popped up recently (or at least onto my radar) that have a plus/extended size section (that isn’t marketed to 50+ women)! Some (Torrid, Lane Bryant) are stores that only sell plus size clothes.

I make no claim to being a fashion expert, but I DO know how to dress a bigger body-type. These stores have clothes that are fun to wear, and up with current trends while being cut for my body — such a lovely concept.

Here are some of my favorite holiday looks from some these stores.

Sequin & Mesh Bodycon Dress
, Forever 21+, $29.90

Torrid Holiday look

This look is from Torrid. A little pricier when added together, but that Sequin Mesh Jacket ($64.50) on top of just about anything would make you party-ready in no time. (Fun fact: Did you know Torrid sizes start with US 12? So, even if you aren’t a traditional “plus” size, you can still shop Torrid.)

Leopard Fit & Flare Dress, from Wet Seal Plus is on the list of things I need! And it’s only $27.99.

Plunge Neck Lace Skater Dress, Chi Chi Plus, ASOS, $94.75


Where are some of your favorite places to shop for holiday looks (no matter the size)?

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