Top problems.

So, when you’re a plus size girl who wants to exercise without looking frumpy, you run into quite a problem — or at least I have. I’ve been able to find plenty of workout pants, but workout tops have presented me with some difficulty. Everything is either super tight or really loose and stretches out the second you sweat in it.

I also have a hard time with sports bras. I’m pretty busty (that’s an understatement), so finding a sports bra that fits and supports, and without needing a second job to buy more than one, is a lot like winning the lottery. Most affordable sports bras I’ve found are only for cup sizes up to DD.

I’ve scoured the internet to find a few recommendations, unfortunately I’ve not tried them all. I have, however added several of them to my various online carts to buy and try. I’m hopeful.


I have a grey version of this shirt (I think it says, “I can, I will”), and I bought it a little big — an XXL in-store. I have only worn it once, and I hope it shrinks when I wash it, because I was way too big. If you’re sometimes between sizes at Old Navy, this is a loose-fitting tank, and I wouldn’t suggest sizing up.

Just My Size tank by Hanes

Just My Size tank by Hanes

I wasn’t expecting to find such a cute top from Just My Size, but I am really excited about it. So fun.

I don’t have this one yet, but I purchased it last night. I hope I love it. (Plus, it’s on sale, AND if you use your Kohl’s charge and the code HUGS30 you can get an additional 30% off your order.)


Sports Bras:

Lane Bryant convertible sports bra

Lane Bryant convertible sports bra

I own this Lane Bryant bra, and even though it is expensive, it is worth the money.

I ordered this last night from Kohl’s as well. The price tag is a little less offensive ($34 still seems steep for a sports bra, but if it is high-impact and works, I’ll pay it) so I’m going to try it out. Hopefully it’s a good one.

This one I haven’t tried, and didn’t purchase, but it comes in sizes up to 46 DDD, so that offers a few more options than most, plus is currently only listed at $39.99. Again, a little steep, but if it does the job, it’s much better than paying $62 for something similar (or $12 for something made of a flimsy cotton that does nothing more than a tight tank would).

Any other suggestions for places I should look? I’m so cheap when it comes to workout gear, though I know I shouldn’t be, and need to expand my selection (read:not need to laundry as often, lol).

6 thoughts on “Top problems.

  1. Old navy is my favorite place to get workout clothes that aren’t skin tight. They really seem to appreciate I don’t want to show off my rolls!!

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