Writing Effectively

Something my friend Ashley put together for The Blogger Collective. I helped a bit too. A lot of it is good advice for most things you write, not only blog posts.



You’ve got a blog, a theme, and a general idea of what you’d like to do with your little corner of the web. But how are your writing skills? Just because the Internet is a wide open playground (and no one is grading your work), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow some writing guidelines + continually look for ways to improve.

You work on your photography + SEO skills, why not work on your writing?

I partnered up with my best pal and fellow English major, Sabrina of giggleCHAMP, to bring you a few tips necessary for writing effectively on the web (first hint: it’s not the same as writing for print).

Think about flow + structure.

When browsing the web, people tend to skim more than actually read. Those are the hard facts, folks. So that huge block of single-spaced text you just wrote, pouring your heart out about…

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