Happy, holiday weight

It’s February and I’m still writing about holiday weight? Yeahhhh.
You know how you tend to gain a bit around the holiday season? And you tend to gain a bit when you’re just stupidly happy? Well, when those things happen at the same time, it’s no good on the scale.

It was (is) five pounds, so it’s really not THAT much, but when I look at the scale, it FEELS like 20 pounds. I know if I really buckle down, it’ll come off with no problem — but it’s been hanging around for the last month and after gaining back poundage you’ve lost, don’t you just feel like it is never going to go away again? I do.

I’m back to my normal eating routine, and I’ve seen a slight downward shift in the scale already, so I know my fears are irrational, but they live deep down in my brain in a very irrational place. That same place in my brain that also fears I won’t be able to, at the very least, maintain what I’ve accomplished so far, since I, again, I have to be out of the gym for a while. Luckily, history has proven those fears wrong, so I’ll worry, but won’t give up.

Now that all the pies are long gone, the holiday candy has been given away or eaten, and there aren’t any stuff-your-face-til-you-can’t-breathe meals on the horizon, I’m back to my regularly scheduled calorie counts. Can’t wait to kiss these extra pounds goodbye for Valentine’s Day.

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