KCFW part 2?

It’s never too late to post about something, right? Especially when that something happens twice a year, and is about to come around again.

Kansas City Fashion Week rolls around in both the spring (coming up next month, March 16-19) and the fall. I always have a great time attending with my friends and seeing what everyone is wearing and showing for the new seasons.
I figured what better time to bring around this post from fall fashion week than right now as everything is just beginning to gear up for the many different fashion weeks around the world.

I never do anything too daring with my own outfits, as I’m still just getting comfortable with myself and really learning to enjoy clothes, but I try to find some things that show off the things I’ve worked hard on and I am proud of.


I honestly don’t think I could tell how long it had been since I’d worn a pair of flare jeans before this outfit, but I forgot how flattering they are! Flares are one trend I was very excited to hear about coming back (though, now that I’m thinking about it, I haven’t worn those again since then, either). I felt really good in that outfit — I’m sure the fact the jeans were size 12s has something to do with it. 🙂




I can’t wait to get dressed up and head out to KCFW again this spring.

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