Well, I need new pants.

You know that feeling when everyone is asking you what you want for Christmas/your birthday/whatever holiday, and you don’t know what to tell them? It’s like, you want to give them SOMETHING as an idea, but all you can think is, “Well, I need new work pants, so a gift card would be good.” That is me this year. I know people tend to hate giving gift cards, they’re so impersonal (isn’t that the thing everyone always says?), but sometimes it is just what someone needs.

I can’t send my grandma/sister/best friend out to buy me new pants without me being there to try them on — especially in this size transition time for me. I have no idea what size I am from store to store, or pant to pant. I currently own and can wear jeans in a 12, a 14, a 16, and an 18 from different places. Okay, the 18s are starting to sag a bit after being worn more than 30 minutes, but still.

I’ve been holding off on buying work pants, because I spend more time in jeans and I was trying to wait until I absolutely had to have some before I purchased, so hopefully they can last me until my goal weight. (I might look baggy and sloppy by then, but I think it’ll be worth it in the long run, yeah?)
I think now is that time. I was standing at the copy machine at some point in November and one of my coworkers said something along the lines of, “whose pants are you wearing, because there is no way those are yours, they’re way too big.” It was really funny, but made me realize it was definitely time to donate those pants and start the search for some new ones. I have a few pair like that, I would wear them, and someone would make a comment about how baggy they were on me, and they’d go in the can’t wear pile.

It definitely feels great to pare down the wardrobe because things are too big – until I run out of things to wear. Then it gets stressful!

It’s that lovely time in the weight loss process where I feel frustrated because nothing fits, but I’m too cheap to go buy something new, and I can’t quite pinpoint my emotions about the whole thing. I’m happy I need smaller pants. I’m sad the new pants aren’t the size I want them to be yet. I’m stressed/irritated I have nothing to wear but jeans most days and have to do laundry more often. It’s a very emotional time for me.

Also, I might be a little crazy.

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