Training time.

So, I’m working with a personal trainer tonight at the gym.
This should be amusing for everyone except me.

I’m such a weenie when it comes to working out, so I know she is going to try and make me do tons of crazy stuff that I will be bad at doing.
I can’t do anything that involves crunching or twisting, because I dislocated a rib a while ago. I am still not even sure HOW I did it, but it hurts! I’ve had to alter my workout routine and I’ve been using machines (elliptical, treadmill, etc.) rather than taking classes like normal because of it. I told the trainer about my weird injury, and she said we’ll work around it. I’m still terrified.

I’m just positive the trainer will have me doing stuff I can’t do well (like squats), so I’m going to be super duper sore tomorrow.

I’m scurred!

A different face


So, the photo on the left is me in January, and the photo on the right is last week. I have a whole different face — how is that for progress?
It is crazy!
You know how you see yourself so often that you can’t see the day-to-day changes, but then you see a picture and you’re like, “Whoa! Who is that?” That is how I feel about this picture. I didn’t realize how much my face had changed!

Even with all the progress I’ve made , I’m gonna be in for a disappointing start to this next week. I’ve had a really bad food weekend (pizza, chips, cake, cookies, ice cream, YIKES!). Some of it was I waited too long to eat, some of it was time spent with friends, either way it wasn’t good for me. Should be interesting to see how hard it affects me.

I’m a freak, I’m a weirdo.

You know that weird person at the gym that does all kinds of peculiar things? Yeah, I think that’s me.

I’m outrageously self-concious (read: self-centered and neurotic) when I’m working out. I’m almost positive no one is actually looking at me as I work out, but I am so paranoid that EVERYONE IS LOOKING AT ME! So, then I end up doing something stupid and laughing at myself and looking like even more of a crazy person.

The other day, I was on an elliptical, and I’d just set up the workout I was planning to do (fat burn, for 45 minutes) and I freaked out that I’d lost my phone. I couldn’t find it, where did I put it? I got off the machine, gathered my stuff and went back to the locker room to see if I’d left it in there, or dropped it. Nope. Still freaking out, I went back to the machine to see if I’d left it there and somehow missed it when I looked originally — then I remembered I’d set it on the display screen of the machine when I first got on the machine. So it was quite literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE when I was freaking out and not able to find it.

When I was back at the machine, looking because I couldn’t find it, the guy on the machine next to me said, “are you looking for your phone? I just turned it in at the front desk.” Coooooool. So now I know someone saw how neurotic I was. Yikes.

Luckily I was able to get my phone and head back to a different machine (far away from the guy who no doubt thought I was a lunatic) and get my workout in. I spent most of the time I was at the gym laughing at myself, as I do most days. Life isn’t any fun when you take yourself too seriously, and I like my life to be SUPER fun!

I ran two miles in 23 minutes on the elliptical that day! Very impressed with myself! I’ve never, in my whole life, been able to run a mile. Ever. So, doing two that quickly is such a major leap!


I know I’m not supposed to weigh myself everyday, weight fluctuates too much with water weight and such, but I just can’t seem to help it. I get on the scale every morning, and for the last few mornings I’ve been disappointed. I’ll lose a couple of pounds, then gain half a pound.
My weight keeps going up, and I suppose it could be muscle, but at some point the fat needs to fall off too, right?

For now I’ll just stay excited that the pants I wore yesterday were too big instead of getting discouraged. I know the number on the scale means a lot less than how I feel and the other results I’m seeing — I just wish all of the progress measures would agree!

Happy Friday! I’m gonna try not to have a super indulgent weekend (I’ve been having those lately and they aren’t helping). Get to go to my niece’s dance recital on Saturday. That should be interesting and adorable.

Have a great weekend!

Motivate me.


I keep these two photos of myself on my refrigerator. And I didn’t realize until today that they are a source of inspiration and motivation for me. The picture on the left (I’m the one in green) was probably the heaviest I’ve ever been, though I can’t remember when it was taken. The picture on the right was probably the healthiest I was in more than a decade.
They’ve both been hanging there for quite some time, but I realized I look at the left picture and it makes me not want to eat whatever bad thing I was going to grab (or the second helping of the healthier foods I’ve been trying to keep in the house).

So, it’s cliché, but I’m my own motivation when it comes to modifying my diet. I don’t want to look like that again, and until I can take that picture again with my friends and love the way I look, it will stay right where it is, to remind me of how far I’ve come, and how hard I’ve worked.


I didn’t take my measurements before I started my fitness routine, but decided I would start now, because my goal is to lose many more inches.
I know at one point, in the not so distant past, my clothes were two sizes bigger than the clothes I buy now, my hips AND waist were larger than 50 inches and the scale at the doctor’s office had to be set to 250 for my weight.
Now, I’m almost out of plus size clothes (not quite, but almost, and I cannot wait)! The scale still has to be at 200, but not as near the high end.

Hips – 48.5 inches
Waist – 45 inches
Chest – 40 inches
Bust – 48 inches
Thighs (both) – 27.5 inches
Arm (right) – 15.5 inches
Arm (left) – 17.5 inches
233 pounds

I’m actually very surprised my thighs are the same size, though I don’t know why considering they get equal work in the gym.
My arms are lopsided, and visibly so if you’re really looking. I had a hand injury that kept me from really working my left arm for about three and a half months. Thanks to my friend Ashley, that injury didn’t keep me out if the gym (if I’d been going it alone, I would’ve wimped out). I continued cardio workouts as usual, since I didn’t tend to need the hand for that, and modified my weight-lifting to be one-handed. So, my right arm is months further along than the poor left! I’m a lefty, so I feel the left should be skinnier and I assume they’ll even out at some point – until then I’ll get plenty of amusement at their differences.

Hey there

So, I’ve started a blog. It isn’t the first time, but now I have something I actually want to share.
Whether or not anyone wants to read about my journey and progress, well, that is to be determined.

I plan to share things I learn about myself and the world while I work (slowly, but surely) toward a healthier Sabrina.

Things you should know about me:

  • I laugh. A lot.
  • I started working out in March 2013.
  • I started changing my eating habits in April 2014.
  • I’ve lost 12 pounds so far, and have at least 65 to go.
  • It is rare to find me in a truly bad mood.

I plan to post measurements (using today as a starting point, as I didn’t take them before I started, though I wish I would have) as I go, both to hold myself accountable and hopefully help at least one other person who is looking to make a change!