Measurements (-16.5)

Have I told you guys how bad I am at this blogging on a consistent basis thing before? Right.
I need to stay healthy, and I’d probably be better at it.

During the past year, I’ve had some crazy health issues, some that are chronic and won’t be going anywhere — ever — but I’d sure love to have managed sometime before the apocalypse, and some that were stupid and only temporary.
I’ve known I had some sort of inflammatory arthritis for a while now, but it has started escalating recently. The treatment, which has previously worked to maintain a manageable level of pain, is no longer enough. My doctor retired and the new one not only wanted to switch the treatment plan, but also the diagnosis. I’ve sought a second (err, third?) opinion, and gotten a different diagnosis still. All of the doctors agree there is something wrong, but none of them agree what is wrong — rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, psoriatic arthritis, something else. Who knows. It is annoying, and frustrating, and exhausting. I try to stay positive, but it gets to me sometimes.

I exercise, partly to lose weight and partly because it is proven to help with the day-to-day pain of all of these conditions. I don’t know which one I have, but I’m trying to do my part to help myself feel better.

I had my gallbladder removed in February. I think I talked about it briefly in a previous post, but after months and months of eating nothing but carbs, it was hard to retrain myself to eat correctly. I’m still not all the way back, but I’m still losing weight (just a little slower than I probably could be). I pushed through the pain and weakness a lot with the gallbladder and kept going to the gym, and even though I was stuffing my face with tons of carbs, I lost quite a bit of weight during the time the doctors were trying to figure out what was wrong, because I didn’t want to eat much.

Hips: 45 inches
Natural waist: 35 inches
Belly: 39 inches
R. Thigh: 25.5 inches
L. Thigh: 25.5 inches
R. Arm: 14.5 inches
L. Arm: 15.5 inches
Bust: 47 inches
Chest: 37.5 inches
Weight: 209 pounds

I haven’t posted measurements since last September, and I have lost 16.5 inches since then! I was amazed when I took those measurements. I didn’t expect to have lost that much, and I love it.

I have a couple recipes in mind to share, so I need to start cooking again.
I moved in April, and I have been just as bad at cooking for myself as I have at posting here.

Have a great Monday!


I didn’t take my measurements before I started my fitness routine, but decided I would start now, because my goal is to lose many more inches.
I know at one point, in the not so distant past, my clothes were two sizes bigger than the clothes I buy now, my hips AND waist were larger than 50 inches and the scale at the doctor’s office had to be set to 250 for my weight.
Now, I’m almost out of plus size clothes (not quite, but almost, and I cannot wait)! The scale still has to be at 200, but not as near the high end.

Hips – 48.5 inches
Waist – 45 inches
Chest – 40 inches
Bust – 48 inches
Thighs (both) – 27.5 inches
Arm (right) – 15.5 inches
Arm (left) – 17.5 inches
233 pounds

I’m actually very surprised my thighs are the same size, though I don’t know why considering they get equal work in the gym.
My arms are lopsided, and visibly so if you’re really looking. I had a hand injury that kept me from really working my left arm for about three and a half months. Thanks to my friend Ashley, that injury didn’t keep me out if the gym (if I’d been going it alone, I would’ve wimped out). I continued cardio workouts as usual, since I didn’t tend to need the hand for that, and modified my weight-lifting to be one-handed. So, my right arm is months further along than the poor left! I’m a lefty, so I feel the left should be skinnier and I assume they’ll even out at some point – until then I’ll get plenty of amusement at their differences.