A caped sweater and a fashion show

KC Fashion Week is over and it was a blast.

The week kicked off with a garden party at the Von Noy mansion on Sunday. I finally got to wear my City Chic Fruit Salad dress and I was really excited about it. I’ve been in love with that dress since I purchased it, and it was the perfect non-date venue to break it out again. I had a great time, just hanging out and chatting with friends.


Me, on the left, with Ashley from Le Stylo Rouge and Cait from SophistCAITed.

I don’t think you can tell, but I gave myself a nice corneal abrasion the morning of the garden party and spent the rest of the week in a bandage contact. It healed up just in time for the runways shows I was attending on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday there were quite a few new designers and a couple I had seen before, but let me tell you, they were all great. Curvy models on the runway, retro pieces, and a ton of beautiful, bright colors.

I opted for an all-black color scheme on Friday with a cape sweater from City Chic, Spanx faux leather leggings, and dv for Target booties.






With Ashley before the shows

Gabriela International opened the night and I loved all of the bright colors she showed! I couldn’t choose a favorite, so these are three of my favorite looks.


Next up was Cassandra P with some beautiful bridal wear, and there were so many plus size dresses. It was very exciting to see (and share)! There were figure-hugging dresses, flowy dresses, the third dress is a very soft, gorgeous gray.


The rest of my Friday night favorites were rounded out by Jane of All, Amanda Casarez, LLC, and Michael Drummond (L to R).



Fashion Week, part 1

Last week and weekend marked the spring/summer shows for Kansas City Fashion Week. I went to a few events, as I have the last few season, and there was some really great stuff offered this time around. The designers showed some great stuff, and it’ll be fun to see similar items in the stores come spring.

I was able to wear some new (and smaller) clothes to the KCFW events, and it felt really good! I continue to lose, slowly but surely, and keep the weight off, so I know these clothes will eventually be too big as well, and I CAN’T WAIT!
I went a little out of my comfort zone with a bodycon dress on Wednesday night, for the Runway on the Rooftop show, at the rooftop pool for Kansas City’s One Light Apartments.
It definitely wasn’t something I would’ve worn, or felt like I could’ve worn, even a year ago. And definitely not in 2013 when I started.

Fringe 1


The KCFW shows have changed quite a bit since I started attending, and definitely for the better. They’ve always been good, but they’re so much better now. And the new twist of the rooftop runway show, with the runway set up in the pool. It added a really fun ambiance that made the night really relaxed and exciting.


A few of the looks from Zafar Boutique in Kansas City


Some of the runway showings from The Garment District Kansas City.

Some of the runway showings from The Garment District Kansas City.


I’m alive!

Oh, hi.

I saw this BuzzFeed article that really hit home, and sort of inspired me to post, and I’ve clearly sucked at it since before my gallbladder surgery (I had it out in February), so today is as good a day as any, yes?

I was reading through the list of tips those 12 people had, and I was like, YES! Such good advice! Some of the things I’ve learned while I’ve been losing as well, and it felt worthy of sharing. Especially the part about starting slow. I have tried so many times to jump head-first into weight loss programs, and failed every single time. I know it is because I never actually changed my lifestyle, just my plans temporarily.
When I started this time, I knew I needed to introduce one thing at a time. I started with exercise. I got into that routine, got comfortable going to the gym, comfortable with the moves and with moving — then I added changes to my diet. It was frustrating because I didn’t see much difference on the scale for a long time, because I hadn’t changed my eating habits. I saw my body changing from the workouts, but the scale stayed about the same. Once I changed my diet though, I saw the weight come off.

I’m obviously still working, and there are still more changes to my diet I need to make (particularly when it comes to carbs). When my gallbladder went bad in November, I had to completely change my diet, involuntarily. I couldn’t eat much of anything, and didn’t, but what I did eat was pretty much strictly carbs. Prior to that I had done a pretty good job of cutting my carbs down, so now I’m re-addicted and am trying to teach myself how to eat correctly again. Definitely a big setback, but manageable.

The good news is, I lost about 20 pounds while on the “my stomach hurts so bad I think I’m dying” diet, and it has stayed off, even now that I am able to eat again, so, silver linings and all that!

Now that I’m completely healed, I need to get back into the full swing of things. I’ve been back in the gym, but only off and on (between crazy work deadlines and recovery, I have been slacking), I’m okay with things moving slowly, because I know I’ll get there eventually, and when I do, I’ll stay there.

Side note: I bought a plus size 0 swim suit yesterday. That is usually about a size 12. A 12!!!! That’s madness.

Top problems.

So, when you’re a plus size girl who wants to exercise without looking frumpy, you run into quite a problem — or at least I have. I’ve been able to find plenty of workout pants, but workout tops have presented me with some difficulty. Everything is either super tight or really loose and stretches out the second you sweat in it.

I also have a hard time with sports bras. I’m pretty busty (that’s an understatement), so finding a sports bra that fits and supports, and without needing a second job to buy more than one, is a lot like winning the lottery. Most affordable sports bras I’ve found are only for cup sizes up to DD.

I’ve scoured the internet to find a few recommendations, unfortunately I’ve not tried them all. I have, however added several of them to my various online carts to buy and try. I’m hopeful.


I have a grey version of this shirt (I think it says, “I can, I will”), and I bought it a little big — an XXL in-store. I have only worn it once, and I hope it shrinks when I wash it, because I was way too big. If you’re sometimes between sizes at Old Navy, this is a loose-fitting tank, and I wouldn’t suggest sizing up.

Just My Size tank by Hanes

Just My Size tank by Hanes

I wasn’t expecting to find such a cute top from Just My Size, but I am really excited about it. So fun.

I don’t have this one yet, but I purchased it last night. I hope I love it. (Plus, it’s on sale, AND if you use your Kohl’s charge and the code HUGS30 you can get an additional 30% off your order.)


Sports Bras:

Lane Bryant convertible sports bra

Lane Bryant convertible sports bra

I own this Lane Bryant bra, and even though it is expensive, it is worth the money.

I ordered this last night from Kohl’s as well. The price tag is a little less offensive ($34 still seems steep for a sports bra, but if it is high-impact and works, I’ll pay it) so I’m going to try it out. Hopefully it’s a good one.

This one I haven’t tried, and didn’t purchase, but it comes in sizes up to 46 DDD, so that offers a few more options than most, plus is currently only listed at $39.99. Again, a little steep, but if it does the job, it’s much better than paying $62 for something similar (or $12 for something made of a flimsy cotton that does nothing more than a tight tank would).

Any other suggestions for places I should look? I’m so cheap when it comes to workout gear, though I know I shouldn’t be, and need to expand my selection (read:not need to laundry as often, lol).